5 Reasons to Refinance Your Mortgage

Refinancing your mortgage can be an excellent way to reduce your interest rate and get a better loan term. In the long run, it could help save money while building equity in your home. But before making any decisions regarding refinancing, take time to assess if it makes financial sense for your situation.

Reducing Your Monthly Payment
Lowering your mortgage payments will enable you to pay off debt faster. You will save a considerable amount of money over the life of the loan, making it more affordable to maintain an affordable monthly budget.

Refinancing your mortgage can help reduce the overall amount owed, by either shortening its length or switching from fixed rate to adjustable-rate loan. With fewer monthly payments, a shorter mortgage will help keep within budget and prevent having to sell your home soon after.

Consolidating Debt
Refinancing your mortgage can be an efficient way to pay off high-interest debt such as credit card balances or student loans. Furthermore, refinancing can be used to consolidate multiple credit cards into one low-interest loan.

Refinancing a home loan is often done for financial benefits. Switching to a lower interest rate could save you thousands of dollars over the course of your loan, potentially saving thousands in costs over its duration.

When considering a refinance, be sure to shop around and obtain Loan Estimates from each lender. This will give you an accurate calculation of your potential monthly savings as well as any closing costs associated with it.

When refinancing, you will be required to provide your new lender with a variety of information, such as your income, employment history and asset details. This data helps them assess your creditworthiness which can ultimately influence the rate you pay.

Your credit score is an integral factor when applying for a refinance loan. Without good credit, even if the lender offers you an attractive deal, you may not qualify. Therefore, it’s essential that you take steps to improve your credit before beginning the process of refinancing.

Reduce Your Mortgage Expenses
Looking to reduce monthly mortgage payments? A longer loan term might be an efficient solution. A 30 year mortgage not only reduces your payment each month but also decreases the overall amount owed over its duration.

Refinancing can also give you access to mortgage amortization, whereby you borrow less than what is owed and pay it off over an extended period. As you pay off the mortgage over its life, less of your payment goes toward interest while more goes toward principal.

Refinancing your mortgage may also enable you to forgo FHA mortgage insurance premiums if there is enough equity in your home. Over the course of your loan, costs associated with mortgage insurance can add up, so it’s worth exploring if it makes financial sense to refinance.